Grégoire VIGNERON (Tokowo)
Lives and works in Braine-Le-Comte since 2017
Book & Paper Designer.
Graduated in Contemporary Bookbinding from the Academy of Fine Arts J.J. Gaillard in Saint Gilles (2011).

My approach consists of creating an innovative, fully self-supporting work, meaning to achieve a structure through direct assembly where the elements constitute the framework of the object.

Following the line of cardboard packaging known as “Structural packaging,” my creations are self-locking, self-supporting, and become solid once assembled into volume; the only interventions required are cutting, folding, and assembling the paper.

This approach allows the creation of completely original, poetic, and sturdy works despite their fragile appearance.

I design and cut my paper keys and hooks using digital tools. While it is not an end itself, this makes the task less tedious and allows me to repeat the different elements with a precision that would be very difficult to achieve manually.

With a concern for data sustainability, ethics, and ecology, I mainly carry out my drawing, writing, and layout work using free software. My computers come from second-hand sources.

In the context of my research for the “Bourse de Mariemont,” the techniques of “Paperoko” and “Paperoŝlo” were initially conceived and born out of the desire to create innovative and self-supporting bookbindings. By extrapolation, the strip of “Paperoko,” assembled outside the book, quickly emerged as elements with multiple aesthetic and sculptural possibilities.

In the spirit of “Less is More” the aesthetics without false embellishments arise from the technique.

From the simplicity of the relationships that bind us, to avoid drowning in daily life, we perpetuate our friendships and loves.