Published in La Dernière Heure on 07-02-21 at 16:02

He is a responsible citizen! Grégoire Vigneron is an artisan bookbinder, with his workshop located in Braine. In a profession where artists generally choose the path of books, he has made a different choice. The artisan now creates some special pop-up cards. “Bookbinders usually work on two or three books a year, enhancing them through bindings,” explains Grégoire. “It’s high-end, I would say. I never liked that part of the job. I prefer the accessible side, that’s why I initially worked on portfolios and developed my own range as well.”

A rather original concept! Using a machine that cuts sheets, the artisan is able to create pop-up cards. A technique he sought for a long time, after several attempts. And besides being atypical, the concept also pays attention to nature. “It’s the common thread in my work” comments Grégoire. “The environment is important in my life. That’s why I decided not to use any glue to reduce the ecological footprint.” The artisan has devised a clip system to hold his creations together.

Artworks that he creates for events, as shown above, for Valentine’s Day. But Grégoire Vigneron is preparing another project. “Using old images and photos taken by myself, I will reproduce the five villages of Braine-le-Comte,” says the artisan bookbinder. “I found it important to anchor my creations in the places where I create them.” Cards that he offers at modest prices. Always with the aim of being accessible, Grégoire sells his colored cards for 10 euros and only 6.20 euros for monochrome. 100% accessible and local!

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